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About Us

This story began in 1995, when Richard Forge embarked on a journey to capture his slice of the American dream, by starting Prestigio Custom Furniture. With little more than a knack for business and a passion for luxurious handmade furniture, Richard started out in a garage with a single client. As word of his rare abilities and honorable business practices spread, Prestigio soon moved into a 10,000 sq. ft facility with a growing list of reputable clients.

For more than two decades he continued to deliver products that consistently surpassed his customer’s expectations. Richard had an effervescent demeanor and an uncanny ability to transfer a client’s vision into handmade works of art (often times under pressured circumstances) which made him a favorite of some of the best interior designers in the industry.

Sadly, the Prestigio chapter was cut short, by Richard’s untimely passing, but his legacy lives on with his son, Trevor Forge, who picked up the mantle, determined to continue the same level of excellence he learned from his father, with the creation of Reborn Rustic Inc.

Trevor’s vision broadened the foundation his father established, by offering highly sought-after, upscale pieces, but at more accessible price points. Staying true to it’s roots, Reborn Rustic specializes in custom handmade upholstery, age-old blacksmithing, woodwork, but also carries a wider range of vintage classics and contemporary factory pieces.

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