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Requesting a quote and placing an order.

Reborn Rustic welcomes the opportunity to create custom furniture, upholstery, kitchen & bathroom cabinets, lighting fixtures, pillow covers and so much more. You may customize almost any existing item, or create a design that is uniquely yours. From minor size changes to complete new builds, if you can image it, we can most likely build it.

  1. Use the Contact Form below via Email or Fax to request a quote for custom work.
  2. To begin

    Fax: 310-867-8584 Email:
    • Dimensions
    • Sketches / Photos
    • Finish Choice
    • Distress Level
    • Wax Level
    • Fabric or Leather choices
    Custom Orders Form
  3. Quote Process.

    Each custom project is reviewed on an individual basis. We then prepare a written quote within 24-48 hours, explaining the projected costs and estimated lead time required. (Quote responses may be extended if additional information from outside suppliers is needed).

    For some pieces, a CAD drawing may be necessary. A non-refundable fee of $100 will be accessed for engineering drawings. This fee will be waived when an order is placed.

  4. Place Your Order.

    When you are ready to order, email or fax the original quote back to us with a valid purchase order. A 50% deposit is required for all custom orders before we can proceed.

  5. Please note: We will not reproduce another manufacturer’s design.


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